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הכירו את זכויות הנגישות שלכם: נגישות בריכות שחייה

The accessibility legislation includes a wide range of accessibility rights designed to help people with various disabilities live as comfortably, respectfully and independently as possible.

The Israel Accessibility Association has produced a guide intended for you, people with disabilities, so that you know your rights and start asking for the accessibility arrangements you deserve.

The guide contains information about accessibility rights in various places, including accessibility in restaurants and cafes, shops, cultural and cinema halls, swimming pools, hotels, schools and more.

Using the accessibility arrangements will contribute significantly to improving the quality of your life in the various areas of life.
It is important to ask for the accessibility arrangements in a respectful and polite manner.

Swimming pool accessibility

The place should be accessible and include:

  1. Accessible parking.
  2. Ticket office is accessible and adapted for wheelchairs, including an inspiration loop and an intercom for the hearing impaired.
  3. Accessible entrance.
  4. Accessible aisles.
  5. handicapped bathroom.
  6. Accessible wardrobes.
  7. Accessible and lowered sideboards including a cash register with an inspiration loop.
  8. Entrance elevator to the water.
  9. Water entry steps with handrails.
  10. Detailed publication of the accessibility arrangements on the website.
  11. Call center without background music.
  12. allow the entry of guide dogs and service animals.

For the complete guide to accessibility rights – click here

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