Park Yarkon-Afek, (near Rosh Haayin)

Park Yarkon-Afek, (near Rosh Haayin) (Enlarge)

translated by Ishai Shilo

As part of the accessible picnic sites project, Access Israel, in cooperation with Coca Cola Israel, has created an outdoor site which was made accessible for people with disabilities.

This first accessible outdoor site was initiated in the national park Yarkon-Afek, (near Rosh Haayin).

Making the site accessible involved forming unique pathways reachable via wheelchairs, marked handicap parking spots, several modifications for people with eyesight or mobility disabilities, sitting benches, and special tables which allow for maximal comfort for people with eyesight or mobility disabilities, and anyone using a wheelchair.

Within the confines of the project, Access Israel has advised ARICA company, which took upon itself the effort of increasing accessibility in these kind of sites to people with disabilities, in developing specially custom designed elements.


The Yarkon-Afek national park (Antipatris Fortress), is considered to be one of the most popular picnic sites in Israel.

Many people with disabilities visit  this national park, for it has many convenient pathways, which allow them to mobilize freely and thus enjoy their time with their families.

As of January, people with disabilities who arrive at Yarkon-Afek national park for recreational purposes, can enjoy the sitting areas customized to fit all their needs.

The Israel Nature and Parks Authority, which has qualified many of its sites to become accessible for people with disabilities during recent years, stood up to the challenge and greatly contributed to the success of the project.


Tal Raban, VP  of Coca Cola Israel:

“Currently, there are around 150,000 people with severe disabilities living in Israel, who, using the current infrastructure, are not able to access many of the natural sites in Israel along with their families.

We are glad to launch this unique project so close to Tu Bishvat, a holiday which symbolizes the great outdoor exploration.

This project enables people with disabilities and their families to enjoy equality and accessibility and leave the house with no fear of disappointment involved in arriving at a place which is inaccessible.

We have been working this past year to increase awareness and making recreation accessible for them.

A couple of months ago we’ve had the honor of being the first company in Israel to receive the “Access Israel Badge” for hosting an active park during the holiday of Sukot.”


Eli Amiti, CEO of Israel’s Nature and Parks Authority:

“In recent years we have invested great efforts in bringing the public closer to nature, and people with disabilities were not forgotten.

We would like to commend “Access Israel” for their activity and Coca Cola for their contribution to this highly valued task, and I’m sure that the sitting areas in Afek national park is the first of many facilities which will be built in the future for people with disabilities in Israel”.


Oren Las, Picnic places creation Project Manager for Access Israel:

“We congratulate Coca Cola for being the first business company to aid in creating outdoor areas which are accessible for all people – people with disabilities, elderly, families with baby-carriages and others.

I urge other business companies to join Access Israel and take part in changing the shape of accessible outdoor sights in Israel”.

for more informaton please contact Oren Less:

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