Salukiya – Maayanot Eden's north

Salukiya – Maayanot Eden's north (Enlarge)

Translated by Vered Klein

(northern Israel)
The "Mey Eden" pumping site is a place that attracts the crowds all year long.

The Saluqi waters are well known by their fine taste and quality and it is from this place that the Mey Eden company pumps the water they sell. The place is trimmed with rich vegetation, and trails leading up to the famous fig tree alongside the flowing waters.

The on site trails are nature made trails and they are not paved!

The Mey Eden company  ("Eden Springs")have cultivated the adjacent forest as a picnic lot and helped us to set up an accessible picnic area on site.

One may find well marked handicapped parking spaces, suitable for all cars.
There are 2 tables and a sign explaining about how accessible the area is.

Up on route 87 to Qazrin junction and from it continue northward for 1 Km.

Right next to the junction you will see the 7th Brigade's parking lot, do not be mistaken, it is inaccessible!!!

Passing that parking lot, drive till one reaches a right turn and into the Maayanot Eden's parking lot.
From there signs leading to the picnic site can be seen.

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