Accessible Nature Site – Jordan Park


translated by IshaI Shilo

Within the Accessible picnic spots and nature sites project led by Access Israel, one of the largest and most beautiful nature sites to have been created so far as part of the project, was initiated on November of 2008, in a large ceremony that included many participants, among who were employees of Access Israel and their families, Jordan Park management and the park’s architect.

Jordan Park is found on the northern side of the Kinneret, and is considered one of the largest parks in Israel, spreading over approximately 1000 acres of natural thicket, the flowing water of Jordan River, hiking trails, antique sites, and shower and toilet facilities.
The park is often used as a lodging stop at nights and as a popular picnic site, as it includes hundreds of picnic tables and as of today also an accessible picnic area for people with disabilities.

The nature site includes: 3 handicap parking spots, an accessible pathway, 3 accessible seating sets and barbeques, found near the brook and overlooking its flowing waters.

The picnic area established this month was a result of cooperation between the Access Israel foundation and Jordan Park management.

The cooperation was made between the two organizations but first and foremost was made between people.

Yuval Vagner, Chairman of Access Israel, as quoted at the ceremony held in Jordan Park:

“This place is a fine example that demonstrates the integration of people with disabilities into recreation with their families and friends in nature sites.

This place also sets an example to other park managers, who can learn from Jordan Park management and create the same change in their own parks.

Architects should take not of Aliza Rapaport’s work, which has maintained the park’s unique style and the natural values embedded in it, and accepted the recommendations of the Access Israel foundation to achieve accessibility.

A special thank you goes to the Fore Group company which has donated money to establishing this place, and I would like to encourage other companies to follow its actions.”

Amir Igal – CEO of the company that’s managing Jordan Park, has congratulated Access Israel for choosing to invest its resources in Jordan Park, and also noted that this project has increased his awareness to the duty that is allowing people with disabilities to spend their time in parks just like anyone else, “Jordan Park’s management has taken upon itself the task of turning this place into the most accessible park in Israel”, he says.

Oren Lesss – Manager of the creation of accessible nature sites project:
“I’ve noted Jordan Park as one of the places that had to be made accessible about a year and a half ago, as it was very well nurtured yet it did not offer one single accessible location or facility.  It was immediately considered a high priority to change that.

I’m glad that today we can see the change, I’ve enjoyed meeting people who felt very obligated to the cause, such as David Even Har, the company’s representative and Maarof, the park administrator.

Together we have found a location in one of the beautiful spots in the park and turned it into an exceptionally accessible nature site.

For Further Details

Oren Less, +972-50-7777201


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