Kol Israel:Or Cohen, accessibility Israel, and Inbal Pizarro, a paralympic medalist, speak about the awareness day organized by the NGO Access Israel

Kol Israel:Or Cohen, accessibility Israel, and Inbal Pizarro, a paralympic medalist, speak about the awareness day organized by the NGO Access Israel

Jackie Bichem : What's it like to eat ice cream if you're blind or, how do you play basketball in a wheelchair? Well, you can find out tomorrow, at the northern part of the Tel Aviv port, where the NGO for the rights of the disabled Access Israel is holding an awareness on disability day for the general public. Kol Israel heard more from one of the organizers, Or Cohen.

Or Cohen, NGO Access Israel Awareness on Disability Day The main purpose is just to give the person, the normal : person, what it feels like to go for challenges, that people with disabilities go for in the everyday life, and by that to understand and to really feel what it means to be a person with disabilities in the everyday life, and the challenges that people go through, and why accessibility is something ,that is so important, and not something that is, you know something that is not obligation. For people with disabilities, accessibility is something that is a main thing .in their life in order to get from place to place Bichem : The fact that you're putting this day on, does this mean that Israel isn't very aware, Israelis aren't very .aware of the problems that disabled people have.

Cohen : ... In the last decade, we're going through quite a revolution, and that's ... we can see that every day, every week, Israel becoming more and more accessible for people with disabilities, but still, there is the awareness part. It doesn't matter if you have like a ramp or an elevator, and the people are not accepting in one hundred percent people that ... to be different from them.

Bichem : Or Cohen from Access Israel. Inbal Pizarro is an eight time medal winner at the Paralympics. She can't ,move her lower body, and because she's in a wheelchair .She says people often think she's mentally disabled as well.

 Inbal Pizarro, an Eight Time Medal Winner at the Paralympics : I think the biggest issue is people that don't know me, the first time they will see me they would see me as paralyzed or as disabled in their eyes, which means they might think I'm also retarded. I'm not sure exactly why, but they sort of, I think it's because they would assume that they won't be able to communicate. After that, they would sort of even be shocked by the fact that I'm a normal person.

Bichem : And the other thing is, if you need space to maneuver your wheelchair, do people get out of the way? Are they, are they too involved in their own little worlds to understand that there are other people with special needs by them?

Pizarro : Yeah, I think people, it's true that people are too much focused on themselves, and people don't feel even guilty enough to use disabled people's facilities in like parking.
Bichem : Inbal Pizarro. The disabled awareness event takes place tomorrow from nine to three in Tel Aviv port, and it's free of charge.


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