Get Involved

There are many ways to get involved and help Access Israel.


We recommend you choose one, or more, of the following options. We'll gladly consult you on how you can make a difference.




1. Volunteering for the foundation - help with the various activities in the Access Israel offices.


2. Funraise.


3. Volunteering at awareness-raising events of Access Israel.


4. Translating.


5. Professional volunteering.


6. Performing accessibility surveys across the country.

If you wish to give a hand contact our volunteer coordinator




1. A one time, monthly or yearly donation


2. Organize a fundraiser (picnic, dinner, lecture, film, performance) - Contact us for coordination


3. On your birthday, instead of gifts ask for donations - Contact us for coordination


4. Organize a few donors in order to construct an accessible picnic area - Contact us for coordination


Raising Awareness


1. Organize an Accessible Meal at work or for your friends (200 shekels per participant) - Contact us for coordination


2. Alert the authorities when you see a car illegally park in a handicapped spot.


3. Organize an accessibility awareness lecture at the work place.


4. Hang up an accessbility poster at work.


5. If you've reached a location that is not accessible you can inform the owners of it.


6. Participating in accessibility related lectures.


7. Show your support online via Facebook.

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