Masada National Park


On an isolated clifftop in the heart of the desert, a lofty plateau overlooking the Dead Sea and the untamed landscape of the Judean Desert, there once stood a magnificent palace.


In the days of the Great Revolt, the last of the rebels against Rome entrenched themselves at Masada, and turned their desperate fight into a symbol of the struggle for freedom. Because of the enthralling historic events that took place on the mountain, and the archaeological finds that have been revealed there, UNESCO has declared Masada National Park a World Heritage Site.






In the Masada National Park adaptations to make the site accessible to people with disabilities are being made. Adaptations currently in place include:

Entrance Lobby

  • Covered parking
  • commercial and public area
  • theaters
  • elevators
  • Assistive technology for people with hearing impairments in the lobby
  • cable car and the sound and light show (by prior arrangement with site management).

Cable Car and Bridge

  • Suitable for wheelchairs.

The Mountain Top

  • Paths
  • restroom
  • observation points
  • models
  • relief maps adapted for people with visual impairments
  • There is an electric vehicle for people with disabilities (by prior arrangement with site management)
  • We recommend that visitors with significant mobility impairments visit with a companion.

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