Access Israel is involved in the process of making authorities accessible

a person in a wheelchair infront of a staircase

Access Israel will supervise the special team established by Minister of the Interior, Arie Deri, toward budgeting local and regional authority accessibility and integrating accessibility

This decision was passed in a meeting of many participants led by the Minister of the Interior and including the Head of the Union of Local Authorities in Israel, Haim Bibas, various city mayors, including the mayor of Be’er Sheva and Rishon LeZion, The Commissioner for Equal Rights of Persons with Disabilities, Avremi Torem, representatives of the Ministry of Finance and Interior and the President and Founder of Access Israel, Yuval Wagner.

The discussion was held following a series of articles written by Yedioth Ahronoth reporter, Telem Yahav, after the local government demanded the enforcement of the resolutions of the Commission for Equal Rights of Persons with Disabilities so long as the authorities lack budgeting for accessibility.

Clearly, the local government’s demand for budgeting accessibility is worthy and just, nevertheless, their demand to halt enforcement is unreasonable.

It is important to note and emphasize that many authorities have significantly promoted the concept of accessibility, clearly demonstrated that it is a leadership decision and subject of proper prioritization.

Access Israel is immensely experienced in integrating accessibility within large organizations.

We intend to contribute of our knowledge and experience toward promoting accessibility in the local authorities.

Access Israel’s position on accessibility in local authorities

1. In favor of accessibility as a service value for residents with disabilities.

2. Accessibility is not just about infrastructures, it’s about customer service, internet, call centers, events, emergencies and smart cities.

3. The association supports budgeting for accessibility, while demonstrating creativity in locating the sources – various government offices based on their areas of interest, Mifal HaPais, National Insurance funds, estates, and more.

4. Establishing a directorate in the Ministry of the Interior – Methodical integration of accessibility will enable immense savings – Access Israel model to be integrated in large organizations.

5. Commission enforcement – Must be retained in order to deal with those who choose not to comply with the law. It is important to note that the enforcement process is reasonable.

6. Smart cities – Accessibility is already included in the plan = (i.e.) integration at no cost.

In closing – Local authority accessibility is critical. Therefore, Access Israel will invest all efforts toward further promoting accessibility there, all with the aim of enabling the dignified and equal integration of disabled residents within their neighborhoods and society while enjoying maximum independence.

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