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Access Israel has unveiled its visionary project "Possible!", an initiative set to create an accessible technological future in advance, by facilitating global integration that enhances the lives of people with disabilities and elderly across various technologies.
With over two decades of experience, Access Israel has come to understand the critical importance of accessibility and the limitations of retroactive solutions. As the world transitions into a technological era, it becomes increasingly crucial to address the lack of accessibility in new technologies, as it poses significant risks of discrimination and affects on the quality of life for people with disabilities in the foreseeable future.
"Possible!" project is based on an innovative model that involves comprehensive studies in ten key areas of future technologies. The goal is to identify accessibility barriers that hinder independent usage for people with disabilities, while simultaneously fostering the development of tailored solutions to address these challenges. Through this approach, Access Israel aims to proactively ensure that future technologies, such as autonomous transportation, drones, robots, medicine, education, retail, fintech, and more, are accessible and inclusive.
As part of the "Possible!" venture, Access Israel is committed to establishing an ecosystem of relevant stakeholders to drive technological solutions. The project will conduct in-depth research in the ten technology areas, presenting a groundbreaking report that outlines the development challenges and advocates for Israel as the 'startup nation' and the global community to develop inclusive solutions. Additionally, Access Israel will spearhead various initiatives, including incubators, hackathons, and professional gatherings, to encourage the development of accessibility-focused solutions. The organization also aims to attract investment and establish funding channels to support projects that contribute to an accessible future.
To kickstart the "Possible!" initiative, Access Israel's first research project focuses on Autonomous Taxis. We invite people with disabilities and the aging community to participate actively in the Autonomous Taxis survey at project Possible!
 website, and together, to make accessible future Possible.


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