Israeli Accessibility technology Developments


Feel what others hear. Turns sounds into alerts

Access Travels

Accessible Travel Community without barriers - Ask the community of accessible travel explorers and share your experience and inspiration

Accessibility by click

Full accessibility solution suite that enables any website, digital content, and documents to be accessible to people with disabilities. Accessibility without modifying existing code


full-service accessible travel platform providing search, reviews, and bookings of accessible hotels, cruises, transport and destinations worldwide.


Accessiblizer can be easily added into any website and dramatically enhance the visitors experience through meeting their specific needs.

A-Check – Accessibility Check

A-Check app by Tamar Accessibility is a business-oriented system, created to enable a standard tool that compares the actual accessibility level provided with the regulatory demand. By doing so, it allows business owners to fully understand the specific accessibility requests to be filled in order to enable an equal and barrier-free participation – in every day to day aspects of life.


Alango Technologies, LTD, an Israeli company, developing digital sound enhancement technologies for voice communication and consumer electronics and Wear & Hear, advanced technological solutions for hearing enhancement and personalizing sound.


ASAT innovator knows how to simplify all video and audio content according to linguistic simplicity, which is a world-accepted method of transmitting information to people with language comprehension difficulties, we do this through artificial intelligence. is an AI-based digital health platform that supports assistive technology assessments and the decision-making process. Used by assistive technology professionals and end-users - people with disabilities, the elderly, and their family members

Audio Care

AudioCare brings Israel the most advance audiological solutions so EVERYBODY can hear better.


Click2Speak is an Israeli startup with a mission to create social impact by revolutionizing the way people with disabilities communicate and use a PC. Click2Speak developed a groundbreaking assistive on-screen keyboard, catering to disabled people who cannot use a standard PC keyboard, enabling easy communication and access to Windows based PC applications


CogAid aims to provide AI-based cognitive assistive technologies to knowledge workers experiencing temporary or permanent cognitive challenges at work.


ComposeDoc LTD is a Hi-Tech, Israeli company developing and selling 3 product lines running by the same robust digital platform, that include: Customer Communication Management software system solution, Digital Forms Management software system solution, and a package of software solutions that makes ready PDFs Accessible.

Crescent - 6Degrees

Send commands to any Bluetooth-enabled devices using your own personal set of gestures. Switch between your tablet, cellphone, laptop, TV, etc. and take over with a hands-free solution

DreamZon - LightOn

LightOn designed specially for the deaf and hard of hearing. This innovative solution immediately alerts users whenever a call or SMS is received on their mobile phones.


Technology for aldery: Basic Smartphone, Basic Tablet, Basic Smart TV, Basic Smart Watch


Envision is a tool that uses artificial intelligence to make visual information accessible to visually impaired


EyeControl is a new, affordable solution for locked-in patients, that allows them to communicate using eye movements only.


EyeLight is a wearable revolutionary product for partially sighted and blind people, based on the substitution of the sense of sight through hearing and touch.
The device is based on an input from a wearable 3D camera that captures the surrounding in front of the user in real time.


GalaPro opens the curtains on a universal cultural experience - live show experience, from opera to theater, by delivering individual multilingual subtitles, dubbing and amplification to the user's own mobile device.




Gestures - develops accessibility technologies, which will help the visually impaired and blind use touch screens and online service.
Personal Assistant App integrates an innovative assistive tool to operate smartphones and access content. Gestures, provides predictive internet navigation via AI voice & gestures assistant

Ginger Tiger

Ginger Tiger is the largest online activity resource for special needs learners.
Join us today and open the door to a magical learning experience for your students and children


HANDY BAG designs and manufactures carrying solutions for wheelchair users.

HEAROES - Acoustic Protocol

HEAROES transforms the standard audio public address announcement into a multi-sensory event.

Hebrew TTS

A text to speech engine in Hebrew for Android (powered by Microsoft TTS).
Highly accurate and with human-like voice.
Can be used with accessibility services like Google Talkback or "Select to Speak" and help blind and visually impaired.

Jonathan Bar-Or Industrial Design

JBD has specialized in product design and development, engineering and manufacturing. JBD provides comprehensive human-centered solutions for companies and entrepreneurs that develop advanced technological products, including wearable technologies and medical devices.


Lipifai is a technology-based solution that translates speech into text by automatically using deep learning technology.
Real-time text is generated and displayed to the user, allowing them to read any missing part of the communication throughout the conversation.
Unlike other solutions in the market, our solution works in noisy environments


Lola is a Personal Voice Assistant designed and built for people with different disabilities (blind, visually impaired, quadriplegic, parkinson, arthritis etc.) which enables to control your phone using voice. You can speak with Lola in English and Hebrew and Lola can read and write text in any language!. Lola supports SMS, Whatsapp, Email, Phone, Answering Calls using Voice commands and more. In addition, Lola is constantly being updated and new features and improvements are being released on a weekly/monthly basis.


LookingBus Smart City service improves the accessibility of public transportation for people with disabilities, including people with visual impairments. Specifically, LookingBus addresses the challenge of boarding and disembarking (getting on/off the bus)


MemoApp is an advanced personal information system that operates continuously 24/7 that allows people who have difficulty managing their daily lives and need regular reminders and ongoing information to function and be independent and active.


Nagish is an accessibility service which enables those who have speech difficulties, are deaf, or hard-of-hearing to communicate over the phone by converting text-to-speech, and speech-to-text in real-time


An intuitive wearable device with a smart camera designed to assist people who are visually impaired


Palta is reducing gaps between people with disabilities and the rest of society by creating fash & tech solutions to improve lifestyle


an organization specializing in hiking trips and outdoor adventures designed for the physically challenged and the impaired.

Philosoft Mobile

Help’s blind and visually impaired people fully take advantage of touch technology through integrating solutions and customizations for both Android and iOS driven devices


PLAYWORK is an innovative Big Data company for transforming everyday physiotherapy equipment, into smart “gamified" rehabilitation products


Expand Your Vision - Vision Free Communication Made Easy.
Hi-tech smartphones and mobile apps specially designed for the visually impaired


ReWalk is a wearable robotic exoskeleton that enable individuals with spinal cord injury to stand upright, walk, turn, and climb and descend stairs


A mobile accessibility solution for blind and people with disabilities that enables them to acquire a better orientation


RoboBraille is an e-mail and web-based service capable of automatically transforming documents into a variety of alternate formats for the visually and reading impaired.

SAGE - the Autodedact Agent

Semantic agents (robots) and search engine


SensoryTreat platform helps to treat SPD (Sensory Processing Disorder) children, ideal for occupational therapists and parents alike

Sesame Phone

Smartphone controlled by head movements


A smart job-simulation platform that offers an inclusive, performanced based evaluation for diverse job seekers and recruiters.


Snowflix has developed an innovative solution for harnessing video content to dramatically improve communication with young people on the autistic spectrum and other cognitive disabilities


STEPS is an online map created and edited by its users.
The app, based on wisdom of the crowd, allows to mark on a map and share with the entire community updated information regarding the accessibility of businesses, beaches, nature trails and more around the world


Unique wheelchair that enable to climb and go down from a stair


Send Your Avatar Across Continents!


provider of ready to use Text-To-Speech amplifiers and All-In-One Mass Notification System


Motivating kids to develop skills! Achieve functional & IEP goals


TrailAccess- Developers of HTMV - manual vehicle for hikers with physical disabilities, casualties evacuation and rescue operations

Travaxy - accessible travel solutions

The first B2B accessible travel APIs for travelers with disabilities and senior travelers, We enable offline/online travel agencies/travel APIs/ and GDSs to find the most accurate offers by disability type and needs ensuring a worry-free holiday.


Tunefork is an audio personalization technology software that delivers an optimal hearing experience, which improves the quality of life for people with hearing loss and seniors.

UA - User Accessibility

Full expertise in web accessibility


Far more than a wheelchair - Safe mobility outdoors & indoors while standing or sitting

User Accessibility

Full expertise in web accessibility


User1st Accessibility Suite - Accessibility without modifying existing code.
Enabled Web Pages Accessible and Compliant to WCAG 2 AA

Verbit specializes in combining human and artificial intelligence to provide transcription and captioning solutions.


Everything You Need to Create Your Stunning Accessible Website


Wearable device enables users to 'feel' sound


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