Accessibility in Urban Areas


Accessibility in Urban Areas

Israel is known for its large cities such as Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, and more.

Accessibility Israel aims to facilitate the big cities crowded main streets and enable people in wheelchair and other mobility-limited people to visit the important sites of the cities while preserving the topographic and historical structure of the city.

Israel understands the importance of accessibility in urban areas to people with disabilities and provides an equal service to all. Israel works to make the urban cities accessible and provide easy-to-use services and information for people with disabilities.

Urban Areas in Israel by the Ministry of Tourism

Israel's Ministry of Tourism promotes accessible tourism and makes a lot of efforts to ensure that tourism in Israel is accessible, nondiscriminatory, inclusive, and suitable for people with disabilities and the elderly. The Ministry is sparing no efforts and is working on achieving this goal through various channels, including legislation, and even designated an employee to coordinate these efforts and advance this important subject.


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Wayfinding Audio-Guidance System for persons with blindness or visual impairment.
The Step-Hear Audio-Sign is a smart loudspeaker used as an 'audio anchor' and activated only when the user of the Step-Hear free app is close by.
The full audio guidance can be heard from the user's smartphone, from the Audio-Sign or both – according to the user's preferences.
For users that don't use apps – a personal wrist-activator activates the Audio-Sign.

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UPnRIDE is a wheeled robotic device, providing upright and seated mobility both for wheelchair users, and for anyone who is unable to, or has difficulty standing or walking

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Biopark Tag is a personal disabled digital tag which governments can distribute; It completely solves the problems of parking abuse & misuse for disabled people who need to park.

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The CLIMBER is an innovative escalator designed specially for home use. It is affordable, easy to install, doesn't require any construction or demoltion works, only to put on the existing stairs and plug to the power.

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A new program to help businesses check accessibility in their asset and to get a full report what should be done in order to be accessible to all according to the regional accessibility regulations.

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