Tourism for All in Israel


Tourism for All in Israel

Israel is a popular tourism destination for people from all over the world. People travel to Israel for various reasons: its rich history, its importance for the monistic religions, its beautiful nature, the unique Dead Sea, the metropolitan party city of Tel Aviv, and much more. Today, Israel is becoming known for its accessible tourism for people with disabilities and the elderly.




The Ministry of Tourism

Israel's Ministry of Tourism understands the importance of accessible tourism and makes a lot of efforts to ensure that tourism in Israel is accessible, nondiscriminatory, inclusive, and suitable for people with disabilities and the elderly. The Ministry is sparing no efforts and is working on achieving this goal through various channels, including legislation and even designated an employee to coordinate these efforts and advance this important subject.


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Accessible Trails – KKL-JNF

In recent years, KKL-JNF has been working to develop suitable facilities for the physically challenged in its forests and parks. The is aim  to open nature to all sectors of the population, by creating an environment through which people with limited mobility can move safely and comfortably. We have also gone one step forward, and brought nature into the schoolyard with unique projects in special education schools

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Tower of David Museum

Making historical sites accessible.

The Tower of David Museum welcomes all visitors by providing diverse activities and tours that include people with physical disabilities as well as visitors with invisible disabilities. This includes special visiting times, enhanced tours and special activities for children and adults on the spectrum.

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Lunada Children’s Museum

An experiential interactive experience for the entire family at the accessible Lunada Children’s Museum encouraging learning through playing.

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Travaxy's API certifies and rates hotels by accessibility amenities according to 90 different accessibility parameters.

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ANU Museum of the Jewish People

The Diaspora Museum's innovative project that enables people with disabilities to experience the museum from home with the use of a robot accompanied by a museum guide.

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