Caesarea National Park

Caesarea National Park
The Caesarea Antiquities National Park presents a cultural continuity of 2,500 years of history, and therefore it is a site of national and international importance. The site preserves values of nature, landscape and historic legacy, and cultivates them for the coming generations.

The Sea of Galilee (Kineret)

accessible Trail to the water at Shikmim Beach
Many beaches in the Galilee Sea have marked disabled parking spots, accessible toilets, access to shade, access to the water and special beach wheelchair

Rosh Hanikra ("Head of the Grotto")

Rosh Hanikra
Rosh Hanikra is a white chalk cliff face which opens up into spectacular grottos. it's a geologic formation on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, in the Western Galilee

Hula Nature Reserve

The floating bridge at the Hula Nature Reserve
The Hula Nature Reserve is a site of world-wide importance for water birds and is a most important wet habitat in the Middle East

Tel Dan Reservation (Shmurat Tel Dan)

Tel Dan Reservation
With the summer season in full effect, Access Israel has reviewed a refreshing, brook-filled venue for you to enjoy

National Park - Tal Grove (Churshat Tal)

Tal Grove
With the summer season blazing in Israel, Access Israel's team of surveyors decided to review an Upper Galilee venue that is highly requested. Have yourselves a refreshing taste of the Tal Grove review
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