National Park - Tal Grove (Churshat Tal)

With the summer season blazing in Israel, Access Israel's team of surveyors decided to review an Upper Galilee venue that is highly requested. Have yourselves a refreshing taste of the Tal Grove review
Tal Grove


Shadowed by Mount Hermon, amongst ancient trees the brooks from the Dan River flow. In the heart of the reservation flows the Tal stream, a part of the Dan River. Marvelous trees, large areas of grass, many picnic spots and the main attraction - a fresh water pond that is available for swimming. The park provides First Aid and Rescue services.


Accessibility: Disabled Parking Spaces, The path from the parking space is accessible, an accessible entrace, the path to the pond and picnic areas accessible, there are accessible toilets (Lack a folding handle), an accessible picnic area for people with mobility disabilities with five wheelchair accessible tables. There is a concrete path into the pond, at an easy decline, with handles on both sides which lead to the 1m shallow water area. The nearby slide pool has no accessibility measures.


Location: On Route 99 (North-East of Kiryat Shmona), 5 Kilometers east of Metzudot Intersection.

Cost: Adult - 38₪, Children (Up to 14 y/o) - 23₪, 50% off for senior citizens.


Entrance from Parking Space Disabled Parking Spaces

Entrance from Parking Space                              Disabled Parking Spaces


Accessible Toilet Pathway from Parking to the Park

Accessible Toilet                                                  Pathway from Parking to the Park


Accessible Pathway to the pond Accessible Picnic Area

Pathway to the pond                                            Accessible Picnic Tables


Pond Declining ramp Pathway to the pond ramp

The moderate decline to the Pond                      The entrance to the Pond

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