Tel Dan Reservation (Shmurat Tel Dan)

Tel Dan Reservation


The beautiful streams flow throughout the entire reservation and form a roaring river, the tree tops rise above keeping the reservation chilled, during the hottest summer days. The Dan River is the largest and most important of the Jordan's tributories and feeds off of rain and snow water from Mount Hermon. The water seep into the mountain and burst out at its bottom into hundreds of different springs. The reservation has three unique walking paths.


Some of the paths have been made accessible for wheelchairs and scooters. The path runs along brooks and next to the Dan River, shadowed by the groves beside it. From the Windmill, which was active until 1948, we will reach the ruins of the canaanite city Lish that was conquered by the Dan Tribe. The site shows unique findings among them is a ritual site dated back to the time of Yerovam. We recommend you finish your tour by visiting Bet Ussishkin - a regional museum of nature of archaeology.


Accessibility: Accessible toilets (without handles), marked disabled parking spots, a unique asphalt path and wooden bridges along the path.


Accessible parking at the reservation Pathway from parking area to reservation

Accessible picnic area An accessible wooden bridge at the reservation

A wide, paved, accessible road surrounded by trees Signs marking the accessible pathways

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