Tel Aviv Port


The Tel Aviv Port (Namal Tel Aviv, as it is called in Hebrew) has recently been restored and is now one of the hottest places in town

It has a little bit of everything that is Tel Aviv - blue sea, serene mornings, bustling markets, shops, cafes and restaurants galore, kids stuff, outdoor happenings and a lively night scene with clubs and bars.

And best of all, it has lots of people of all ages walking, biking or just chilling at Namal Tel Aviv.


Access for people with disabilities

At Tel Aviv Port and Yarid Hamizrach we do our utmost to ensure optimum accessibility for disabled and challenged people:

* Parking spaces for people with disabilities are available in every parking lot in the complex.

* The entire Yarid Hamizrach area is flat, paved, and suitable for wheelchairs.

* The snack bars and businesses are accessible for the handicapped.

* The Tribune amphitheater was designed to offer full access for wheelchairs near the stage.

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