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Access Israel is a non-profit organization that works to promote accessibility and inclusion for people with disabilities and the elderly to improve their lives in all spheres of life. The organization was established in 1999 by Yuval Wagner, a former helicopter pilot Lieutenant Colonel in the IDF, who has become wheelchair bound and paralyzed from the neck down after a helicopter crash. At the time, Israel was not accessible for people with disabilities and Yuval encountered many obstacles in his daily activities. However, Yuval didn't want to accept the situation and contacted former Israeli President Ezer Weizman, who encouraged him to establish an organization in order to create a social change. Since its establishment Access Israel transformed the lives of thousands of people with disabilities.


Feast of the Senses

Access Israel offers the 'Feast of the Senses', an experiential dinner that allows the participants to experience a meal through the eyes of people with disabilities. The meal simulates visual, hearing and physical disabilities and creates a unique experience that changes the perception and understanding one had about people with disabilities. At the feast, participants go through an emotional and educational experience.


The participants are served with three courses; the first course is served while their eyes are covered, the second course while their hands are covered with special gloves and the third while their ears are covered in order to simulate the loss of the senses. During the meal an open dialog is held with people with the specific disability which the participants experience. We aim to enable each participant to get to know the person behind the disability, how he/she manages to integrate into society, their needs and their success stories. In addition, participants experiment with sign language and braille, and learn about accessibility. The dinner is a way to stimulate the senses and introduce participants to experiences they never encountered before in order to promote the inclusion of people with disabilities.

The meal is a wonderful platform for lecturers, also external ones, to talk about accessibility from various perspectives.


To learn more about the "Feast of the Senses", please watch this video.


Itinerary for the "Feast of the Senses

  • Meeting area – usually for a cocktail  
  • The participants are brought into the room blindfolded 
  • Introduction speech  
  • First course: the participants try to eat the first course while blindfolded. A person with visual disabilities will talk about his/her personal journey, struggles and success living with the disability 
  • Second course: the participants receive gloves that simulate a physical disability. The participants try to eat their main course while eating with those gloves and listening to a person with a physical disability sharing his/her story. 
  • Desert: the participants receive headphones that simulate hearing disabilities. The participants try to order their desert and speak to each other without hearing. During the desert a deaf person gives a short introduction into sign language and shares his/her story. 
  • In between courses we present short video clips. 


Duration of the Feast of the Senses:

  • The length of the meal is about two to three hours long

Pictures to get some impressions from previous "Feast of the Senses"






Media articles on the Feast of the Senses:


Access Israel invites you to explore the opportunity to conduct this unique experiential meal in your country to learn from each other and create new partnerships and cooperation. The event can be customized according to the need and interest of the participants. We are glad to provide more information on these projects and on Access Israel.

A few examples of activities that Access Israel conducted all over the world

Access Israel was in Latvia to exchange knowledge and to present our best practices to representatives from the Latvian government. Here is a video of the news coverage of our visit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tGUCUiNQMS4


Brazil: In 2016 Access Israel was invited by the Israeli Embassy in Brazil to promote accessibility and inclusion, and present Israel's work in this field.  Here is an article about the visit: https://www.aisrael.org/?CategoryID=2285&ArticleID=54812&SearchParam=BRAZIL


Ecuador: Access Israel participated at the UN Habitat III Convention and presented the "Accessibility Trail" at the event and invited the participants to take part in it. Here is an article about the visit: https://www.aisrael.org/?CategoryID=2285&ArticleID=54827


New York, USA: Access Israel organized a Feast for the Senses at the UN. Here is an article (in Hebrew) about the event: https://www.aisrael.org/?CategoryID=3288&ArticleID=51649&SearchParam=%D7%A0%D7%99%D7%95+%D7%99%D7%95%D7%A8%D7%A7


Vienna, Austria: Access Israel organized the Accessibility Trail as well as a Feast of the Senses at the UN headquarters' in Vienna. For more information, please red this article: https://www.aisrael.org/?CategoryID=2285&ArticleID=52167&SearchParam=VIENNA


Feast of the Senses: Access Israel organizes experiential dinners that simulate the loss of different disabilities. This dinner can be organized at any location and for any number of participants. Here is a video about the Feast of the Senses: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cXOv0TzeS1A


Special Advisor status at the UN: Access Israel received the status of Special Advisor by the UN's Economic and Social Committee. Here is an article about Access Israel receiving this status: https://www.aisrael.org/?CategoryID=3254&ArticleID=53373&SearchParam=Habitat



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