J'lem: Givat Shaul cemetery to get facelift

Access Israel chairman Yuval Wagner said that the most common problems in cemeteries are lack of accessible parking, inaccessible walkways and toilets and lack of benches.
"This is a very sensitive issue for people," he said. "The government should do its best so relatives [who are disabled] can be there."
Wagner said that even though old graves cannot be moved and complete accessibility is usually not achievable, progress can be made.
"We do believe that you can do a lot to improve the situation," he said.
Even for an able-bodied individual, navigating the Givat Shaul cemetery can be a challenge.
"It's very crowded. It's very hard to walk between the graves," the man visiting his father's grave said.
"There's no traffic planning there. I went there a few days ago and the whole road was blocked because of a funeral, so if something happened and an ambulance had to get there, it couldn't," he added.


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