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Access Israel’s has been awarded by the Zero Project

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We are honored to announce that our “Training for Inclusive Teaching” has been awarded by the Zero Project as one of the practices that support accessible and inclusive education for people with disabilities!

Every year the Zero Project choses the best and most innovative practices and policies from all over the world. It is exciting to see how different countries deal with the same problem – providing equal access to education for people with disabilities. For more information on the other awardees, please click here.

Our “Training for Inclusive Teaching” trains teachers and school staff to give accessible and inclusive lessons for their students with disabilities. In the training the participants meet people with disabilities that share their experience being a students with a disability, they participate in experiential activities that simulate life with a disability and receive practical tools to create an accessible and inclusive learning environment.

We will be participating at the Zero Project Conference in 2020 which will focus on accessibility and inclusion in education.

For more information on the Zero Project, please click here.

Access Israel's has been awarded by the Zero Project

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