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The Purple Vest Mission: Rapid Response in the Iron Swords War

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On October 7, 2023, the Iron Swords war erupted between Israel and Hamas. Thanks to expertise from their experience in Ukraine, the Purple Vest Mission became operational within 90 minutes of the atrocities of October 7. The mission aimed to provide crucial support to people with disabilities, the elderly, and their families in regions affected by missile attacks.

In this period, people with disabilities faced multiple challenges, including difficulties in reaching protected areas, heightened stress, inaccessible protected spaces for some individuals, and the intense anxiety caused by each alarm.

Due to these obstacles, the Purple Vest team acted swiftly:

Day 1 (Saturday): Direct contact was established with people with disabilities in the areas where the terror was occurring.

Day 2 (Sunday): An emergency call center was fully activated, offering essential information to reduce uncertainty and stress for people with disabilities and the elderly.

Day 4: The accessible alternative housing system and evacuations began. The team executed accessible rescues for people in wheelchairs using specialized vehicles, evacuated those with disabilities and their families to alternative, accessible, and secure housing, and supplied essential needs to evacuees and those choosing to remain in their homes.

First Week: An expanded and dedicated system of volunteers for the project was established. Videos for initial training on accessible housing, emergency assistance, awareness, and more were published. Specialized training was provided to the general public on assisting people with disabilities during emergencies, encouraging volunteering for the Purple Vest initiative.

Two months into the mission, the Purple Vest team had actively responded to numerous inquiries, conducted training sessions for hundreds of individuals, evacuated over a thousand people from their homes, and provided essential assistance to many more. Each request was met with a tailored solution, recognizing the complexity of each disability and the diverse needs of every person.

The Purple Vest Mission’s rapid response and ongoing efforts highlight the critical importance of accessibility preparedness during emergencies, ensuring that vulnerable populations receive the support they need during times of crisis.

Michal Rimon, CEO of Access Israel, Rani Binyamini, co-founder of Access Israel and volunteer of the "Purple Vest" project, at the event Wearing the Purple Vest

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