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Access Israel participated in the National Ability Summit in India

Michal Rimon, CEO of Access Israel, participated in a panel on “Inclusive Employment” at the National Ability Summit in India. The panel was organized and led by Varija Baja, the founder of Varija life.

In the panel were also, Judith Heuman who took part in the Netflix movie ‘Crip Cramp”, a production by the Obamas, the former first family of the United States. In addition, Rachel Arfa, the Commissioner of People with Disabilities in Chicago and Adam Hecktman from Microsoft and Ira Singhal of India joined the panel.

During the panel they discussed the different challenges of inclusive employment and the ways to overcome them. The panel emphasized once again, how global the issue of accessibility is. Although the speakers were from the United States, India and Israel, the underlying issues were the same. The conversation showed how every country is at another point on the path to an accessible and inclusive society.

It was interesting to hear the perspective of Microsoft, which is a leader in promoting accessibility and inclusive employment. Ira shared her personal

Michal Rimon, spoke about Israel’s advanced legal system and the quota system for inclusive employment. Michal also spoke about the accessibility training that Access Israel developed that trains service providers on providing an accessible and inclusive services.

The panel and the summit were a great event that brought accessibility leaders from different countries together to discuss how to achieve successful inclusive employment.

To watch the recording of the panel, please click here.

Michal Rimon, CEO of Access Israel

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